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Our Security

Ground Up

Built on Microsoft’s Azure server platform with hardware disk encryption, IP limited access and advanced network firewalls.

Premium OS

Our servers use CloudLinux, a secure operating system that includes industry leading security, such as Cage FS and Hardened PHP.

Backups x 3

We backup our entire server using Acronis‘ business grade backup solutions.  Then we backup on site and to Amazon AWS S3.


We secure all of this with Imunify 360, a multi-layered defense architecture designed to detect, defend and cleanup if necessary.


Kernal level security with no server rebooting (downtime) using KernalCare, ensuring the latest security patches are installed.

Account = Site

We do not put more than one website into one account.  LVE Manager and CageFS keeps everything separate and running smooth.

Our servers also run on LiteSpeed

Built-In Security Features: LiteSpeed’s security features keep you in control, and keep your systems safe from attack.  LiteSpeed mitigates attacks early with ModSecurity Request Filtering, External Application Resource Control, Denies Buffer Overrun Attempts, as well as controlling what files are served.  LiteSpeed is the final but very important piece of our security pie. 

Let us secure your website

GWD set the pace on website security services. We build websites understanding the malicious intent of hackers and their exploitation of sophisticated modern day websites.  Our maintenance services feature our security package as standard to ensure your web pages continue to be as good as they can be. In the event that your site is compromised in any way we guarantee to have it back up and running within 24 hours.

Need to know more?

We are here to answer your questions and help you understand how to secure your website.  Give us a call or drop us a line, your website is too important not to.

GWD Web Design