Community Projects by GWD

Our Training Community Projects are Lottery Funded

A company with charitable aims and objectives, GWD works with and for the communities in which it operates via a number of community projects. Every penny of profit is reinvested back into the company to provide employment opportunities, training and work placements to those who need them most; young people not in education, employment or training. This reinvestment of our profits is core to our work.

This makes us a somewhat unique web design company. When you commission a web site or other services from GWD, you are investing in two things, your business and your community. Our core team of designers have a wealth of experience in web design and development, including e-commerce, ticketing systems and other online applications. We use the latest web standards building our sites in CSS3 and HTML5 and use the world’s leading blogging and CMS software, WordPress.

GWD Community Projects in Action

These community projects allow us to invest our time and resources into creating and delivering top notch training courses targeted at those seeking employment, employees of third sector organisations (who cannot afford to buy in web development services) and other institutions such as schools that operate on a not for profit basis.

If you are a charity, not for profit or work in the third sector and think that we could help you with your community project then get in touch using our contact us page with all the details to see if we can sponsor the project.

We are extremely proud of the work we do, both for our clients and in the community.


Working with GWD has been a win win for us, we get to fulfil our CSR agenda and get an amazing website.